It is when you put your wiener in her butthole, plug her ears, and play pink floyd while fingering her her clit
by Daren j orcil January 31, 2016
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a bisexual person that regularly partakes in hetrosexual and homosexual experiences
Phil: i saw mike holding hands with jim. last week he was fucking that girl.
Joe: didn't you know he butters both sides of the bread
by thisisbatcountry March 15, 2005
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a figure of speech to illustrate when a person takes one viewpoint with one audience, but will take the opposite viewpoint with another in efforts to be liked or create harmony.
-That politician is petting both sides of the cat.

-When your Mom shares Pro-Trump Facebook posts, but at dinner claims to believe he's a racist you would be correct to say: "Mom, you are petting both sides of the cat."
by Jeff Pants October 4, 2016
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Something so perverse, so unutterably horrible, that it cannot be referred to except obliquely
"See that man? Over there? Someone caught him grilling the bacon on both sides."
by gruntyphish August 5, 2009
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