refers to the male leaving the copulation bed because he needs to take a crap, he sits there with his hard-on outside of the toilet bowl, drops a big turd and immediately flings a load of ejaculate toward the bathroom wall in front of him. There is no feeling of orgasming, simply of unloading some jism. Return to the bed and cum a lesser load.

the definition says it all
I had to stop humping her to go drop a load, and I did, from Both Sides Now.
by Jake February 1, 2004
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To go much harder than is necessary. Worthless overachievment.
"Aww man, I studied for three hours and the test turned out to be easy! I really buttered both sides of the bread on this one."

"Dude last night I took ten viagra before fucking my girlfriend!"
"Woah man, why you always gotta be buttering both sides of the bread?"
by John Handcock1234 June 5, 2012
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A Bisexual statement made famous by Frank Ocean's song "Chanel," and it's supposed to be a metaphor since the Chanel logo has two C's facing opposite ways... c what he did there?
Boi: You gay?
Boi 2: nah fam, I see both sides like chanel
by mamamia la papi April 16, 2017
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