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It's not about the sex or gender of the person but how they treat you! So, as long as you're getting the love and affection that you need to be happy in love then it doesn't and/or shouldn't matter what gender is loving you.

Often a term used by bisexuals or those who have no issues with swinging with the same-sex as long as the loving is good!
i.e. A guy might say to another guy, "I'm just looking for someone to love me (a genderless statement) because love is love!" The sex of the person isn't the issue but how the person is treated as it pertains to being loved!
by Orators Speak March 22, 2011
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I coined this phrase way back in the 1970's -- because so many people I knew were gay and being bad-mouthed. "Love is Love!" and "Lust is Lust!" I used to say when others questioned gays actions. Meaning: If the love is real - it doesn't matter what gender one is. But if the relationship is all about the lust -- then admit it and stop trying to say is is in the name of "love."
by AlphaLady777 June 13, 2016
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