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Someone who believes that easy access to internet articles on a subject is the same as personal, academic, mastery of a subject. Someone who believes that upvotes and popularity of information on the internet is enough for that information to be trustworthy. Someone who disdains or ignores academic journals, primary sources, and university publications because the headlines in a search engine or social media have taught them all they need to know.
Another student cited wikipedia in my informal logic class. All the recent high school grads start off as Google Scholars.
by jin-roh May 20, 2016
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A variant of what is known as the 'thou also' or 'tu quoque' logical fallacy. In popular usage, a refusal to admit the one side of an issue is wholly responsible for violence, injustice, disruption, intransigency etc. Rather the more nebulous, and often completely untrue, 'both sides' is referred to in order to obfuscate guilt, shift blame, and otherwise distract from the seriousness of the events at hand.
"I think there is blame on both sides." -Donald Trump
by jin-roh August 15, 2017
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