a best friend but raised to the nth degree- someone so powerful the word "bestie" doesn't do them justice. so they get a boost.
Aldan is my boostie!
by locostacos7 October 1, 2021
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a boostie is a bitch.
Man #1: man that Jaime sure sucks at picking fights and being not gay
Man #2: yea man he's a fuckin boostie, what do you expect?
by diegonessss February 10, 2007
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The fat that hangs over a fat woman's vagina. You can usually find a boosty on a 250+ pounder. Most boosties are formed from eating too much McDonalds hamburgers. The African American boosty is usually formed from eating too much chicken wings, hotdogs & various other grilled meat products. The quickest way to get a boosty is to eat a lot of bologna sandwiches. The boosty is also used by the man during sexual intercourse for satisfying penis pleasure. During the sexual intercourse with the boosty, the woman can experience a strange type of orgasim if the boosty is pounded hard enough. Lesbians also engage in boosty sex by fingering each others boosties. The name for a boosty fart is a "tramabomb".
Anorexic Jenny: No thanks, no bologna patties for me today, I don't want to get a boosty.
Pig Patty: Can I have yours then? My brother really likes to fuck my boosty.
Anorexic Jenny: In that case, you sure can, Pig Patty! :)

I can't wait to pound that chunk of boosty tonight, Freddy.

Man, check out Rosie O'Donnell, she has a massive boosty!

I was sittin' in class just chillin'...all a sudden I heards a loud tramabomb! Mayne, what dat boosty bitch been eatin?!
by Nigga Ishmael December 30, 2006
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A person or act that boost your high to make everything even funnier
Smokey is the boosties in Friday the movie.
by Spree from Harlem April 12, 2016
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noun: generally it is defined as a person that tries too hard to gain the approval of others. For instance, if they are of the female gender they are a hoe or a skeeze and if of the male gender they are a tool or a chatch.
1. That boosty was sweating my nuts.
2. Man, fuck that boosty
by AnthGree January 3, 2006
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someone that can jump really high, has boosties, another word for hops.
Damn that boys got boosties, getting to the hoop like that!

Look at that girl gettin up there, Damn she got boosties!
by EdgE11 February 12, 2006
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The party last night was hella boosty. Everyone left hella fuckin early.
by Baby Girl April 14, 2005
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