A person who likes ferrets, animal crossing, and saying big words. They also r big anxiety and will have a full blown heart attack if you don’t talk to them for .5 seconds. (They also love women)
Person A: Hello, I have a ferret named Tiffarooni Ravioli, I can’t sleep without playing animal crossing, I am a raging lesbian, and my favorite word is Giancarlo.

Person B: You’re such an Aldan.


Person B: Yep, your definitely an Aldan.

(Not making fun of Aldan, your the best <33)
by a stupid duck May 2, 2022
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Most annoying kid at CVHS and he’s one of gayest kid I know that is retard who could be found jerk off to black men or trying to get a ROBLOX boyfriend
Aldan Wang you never want to be him
by Simon Gay December 10, 2019
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The goat
Anyone with this name is goated asf
Be more like Aldane he is a goat
by Ayo00oo March 7, 2022
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