n. A chatch is someone unimportant, worthless, laughable, or annoying. The word chatch is usually conveyed with a tone of disdain or disrespect. Chatch often appears in the form of the phrase "some chatch" meaning "someone so unimportant that he isn't deserving of description." When used to convey annoyance with a male, it could be substituted for the word "bitch," but the word "chatch" also implies arrogance of the speaker. Chatch almost always is used to describe a male; the female variation is chitch.
1. Q: "Who called you yesterday?"
A: "I don't know. It was some chatch."

2. "That drunk guy just pissed all over himself. What a chatch."

3. "I don't want to lend you my car, I just washed it."
"Dude, don't be a chatch."
by artythesmarty May 24, 2013
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One who views one's self or self worth more than it actually is in reality. One that tends to TRY and dress trendy or hip but just can't pull it off. One whose style does not equal their confidence.
See etymology (Scott Baeo in "joanie loves chatzy"). That dude thought he was cool in the extra medium shirt...damn he looked like a chatch
by sean A July 20, 2006
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Damn, her swimsuit is so tight you can see her chatch lips right through.
by Dr. Shine~ January 28, 2004
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origin: counterpart of the 'choch' (hindhi slang for the pubic region of a man)
definition: the pubic region of a female, synonymous with the words: vagina, pussy, cunt, velvet etc.
dude that girls walking weird. maybe she got it in the chatch

you are such an f'n chatch for stealing my fifa10
by chipzbartops December 24, 2009
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commonly known as the cooter aka poonhole
Hittin up some chatch is nice after a hard day's work.
by birdman May 24, 2004
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A Vagina that was created artificially, i.e. through vaginoplasty. This would be predominantly for transsexuals.
Gene had vaginoplasty and now has a chatch. Gene is also now known as Jean.
by No chach November 19, 2007
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A chatch refers to a penis that was surgically altered into a vagina, as per gender reassignment surgery or vaginaoplasty.
I bet that tranny is itching to get her chatch nailed for the first time!
by soulburn November 19, 2007
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