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A girl with lots of wonderful thoughts that will share anything with you. Will keep a secret safe regardless of how good it may be. Will always try to cheer you up even when she may be feeling down too.

Suffering in her life has caused a spot of permanant sadness in her eyes, but they shine bright when she smiles.

Medium in stature, large in heart. Most likely will have very soft hair and soft hands.

a very skilled kisser, has had lots of experience but will settle down upon finding the right guy. has a reputation for being a flirt but that is just her personality.

is very VERY attractive. usually long eyelashes, kissable lips and a smile that can light up a room. Will make your stomach filled with butterflies no matter how used you are to seeing her.

is a procrastinator but will always get something done at the absolute last second. Is very smart but often doesnt apply it.

Havin is easy to pick out of a crowd because she will be standing in a large group of people and they will all be smiling at what she is saying.

makes an amazing girlfriend, the kind of person you want to show off because your so in awe of her and how miraculous she is.

everyday is an adventure with Havin because she will make you laugh till you cry and has a superb imagination

Havin means, a perfectly incredible girl
Finn: wow, that girl is really beautiful, amazing, caring, and godly. I couldve spent a couple more hours talking to her! did you catch her name? Steve: yeah, i think it was havin. Dids he say he had a boyfriend ? cos if so he is LUCKY

Finn: yeah that figures, i should've guessed she was a havin...she was incredible!
by Idkjustdidthisformybestfriend November 05, 2019
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Havin is the name of a beatiful girl with carmel like skin. Shes athletic and funny. Shes a spit fire, and has lots of attitude and curves that could kill you. Shes a flirt, but shes always loyal to only one man and shes amazing in bed.
Jeff: Damn Havin looks good today
Mark: She goes to my gym, you should see her at the squat rack
by swiggswagswoot June 08, 2014
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Havin is a rare type of animal that can only be found in forested area's and mountains. It has large eyes and is usually black
Oh my god! Is that a Havin?
by chubbychoco121 August 31, 2009
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Havin can mean few things like having racks or having tree for sale or anything else for sale.
Feen: Yo you havin?
Plug: nah just ran out imma lyk when I reup!


β€œIt’s DeMo Havin flipping racks with the packs”
by Da Revivalist March 18, 2021
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Saying your havin' can refer to a few things. Weather your having racks, a real one, or just don't cap. It is also used as a way to tell someone they tripping or capping. The term was created by the Atlantic artist Skippa da Flippa.
Man I just hit that thick bitch I told you I was Havin'.
Man you tweaking you ain't havin'
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by Kermit_da_Frog_jr November 25, 2019
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