added after a noun as an adjectival intensifier; esp. fool ignited. when used after an ambiguous noun, generally implies a strong positive connotation
"Last night I got my junk caught in the sliding door... again. The fire department came and had to use the jaws of life... again. Then I accidently set fire to their truck... again. They accused me of being a terrorist, but let me go because I'm 'too stupid to be a danger to the state'."
"...Fool ignited..."

"It was quite the party ignited."
by D.B. August 24, 2003
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And my niggas gettin' ignorant
Like a lighter, bitch, we ignit
by AlterLynx 2 September 12, 2018
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to ignite sth. = to set sth. on fire
to ignite = to glow ; to light-up
to ignite (fig.) = to start sth. ; to get sth. going
Let's ignite a spark and start making a fire!
by dr.greenthumboOo March 30, 2011
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someone who is an idiot and ignorant at the same time all the time
Now arent you just an ignit mother fucker
by Sinny December 15, 2002
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someone who is ignorant and/or crazy
"get ignit!" - Ice Cube

"you think im ignit!?" - Malibu's Most Wanted
by ignitgarde October 23, 2004
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When someone is too stupid to be considered ignorant.
Man, it was dumb when ran that stop sign, but it was just plain ignit when you tried to out run five 0.
by Malinen23 May 22, 2007
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"Ignition" is, among other things, the slang word for "vagina". A "penis" is called a "key", because you stick the penis in the vagina like you stick a key in the ignition
R. Kelly sings: "Let me stick my key in your Ignition, baby"
by DarkSkaners September 6, 2004
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