"Man, it's hut for that party tonight."

"It's hut for the beach tonight, the boys is out."
by stayweirdniggaaaaa July 31, 2013
Means no or nah. Can also mean over.
Example 1:
Friend 1: Want to go to a party tonight?
Friend 2: Nah, Hut.

Example two:
Friend 1: Wasn't that song {lit} {asl}?
Friend 2: Hut, no it wasn't .

Example three:
Friend 1: Did you see the game last night? Our team lost by 52

Friend 2: Yeah man that game was hut
by Inglemoorpussyslayer September 22, 2019
Hut is a shortened version of the word "owned." It is common to northern San Diego.
"Man I failed that math test today, I got hut!"
by Shadyjermaine October 23, 2009
Slut but appropriate to use in school. Can also be used hand in hand with Slore
Dwight you ignorant Hut.
by kerseycantspeaktoday June 16, 2019
1) n. A cigarette
2) v. The act of smoking a cigarette
3) a. The saturation level of smoke in an enclosed area
n. "Let's go smoke a hut behind the fiend center"
v. "Let's hut one down"
a. "This room is too hutted, I'm outta here"
by willsu October 25, 2011
a combination between a wHore and a slUT - almost like a slore but a Hut gets paid more than a Slore and does it for free a little less often.
Betty is such a Hut, she made me pay for pleasure and then did philip for free like an hour later.
by Jennii November 19, 2006