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that word means big lips in italian you dumb shit; or in other words nigger fucking foongalate
fuck you you one eyed foongalate
by fuck you February 23, 2005
A person who you hate and the only word you can use is son of a bitch. or a word of surprise. Related to asshole
Why the fuck did you smoke all my J you son of a bitch.

Wife: Honey, I am pregnant
Man: Son of a bitch!
by fuck you November 28, 2004
BCC Muh Fuckas
class 2008 yall need to reckanyze
Montgomery county is BCC's BITCH, yall faggot ass poser high schools like WJ and WHITE-MAN dont get shit.
and 4 you bitches wit no open lunch, SUCK IT, and 4 u other bitches wit open lunch but not in BCC territory, cant compete.
BCC pimpin these other MoCo skools
by fuck you April 15, 2005
The tendency of Christians to infight over meaningless bullshit.
"Now Arius is saying the Father is superior to the Son"
"Great, more christcuckery"
by fuck you April 16, 2022
For all your virus receiving needs.
Wow, I get more viruses on KazaA then ever before!
by fuck you July 9, 2003
That party was the shizot! (slang)
by fuck you December 15, 2003