A Jamaican expression meant to convey shock or surprise
"I won $50,000 in the lotto!"
by Furious79 March 05, 2006
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In fact, bomboclat is a dirty and heavy jamaican that has african origin, and it means ''sun of a b*...''.

So yes, it can be used in another pejorative sentence as well as a shock or a surprise expression an so on. Just like the work in english.
"You´r a bomboclat", or "I won the lottery! bomboclat!!" or "I lost! bomboclat!!!"
by sugaith July 17, 2015
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A curse word originated from Africa that has a transition of “Anal Blood Clot

Bombo- “Anal Blood”

Clat- “Clot”
You are a fucking Bomboclot!!

I pooped out a bomboclat today.
by Gribble February 25, 2018
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Bomboclat in british slang is used for ‘motherfucker’ etc Most road men use this on the daily
Ayo that pussyio is such a bomboclat
by segsy gyal November 27, 2020
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