Pronounced bomb-dot-com. This is the same as calling something bomb. Generally it means that you really enjoy something, or you think that something is really good. It can be used interchangably with awesome, incredible, spectacular, sweet, etc.
Dude, tonight's Spill Canvas show was!!
by Frank Gregg October 7, 2006
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when something or someone is extremely amazing and you want more, always wanting more. so bomb that they deserve their own website.
that cake was
by crayola69 March 3, 2012
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Dude, that rocking party last night was so!
by Amanda K. April 12, 2004
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Something really stupid someone invented to sound cool when actually it's not cool, it makes them sound stupid.
Taylor, you're bomb,
by Sarah is rad July 17, 2006
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When something is really great or awesome. You can add to this to specify what was good also by adding a backslash (/) and the thing that was really great.
1.Damn, that sex was!

2. This food is
by AmanduhC July 27, 2006
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