technical  term to measure how kissable a boy is, and weather it would be yummy, weather his touch could send shivers down your spine...
Ashley : Well he's cute...
Kate: He's nice enough..
Ashley: But is his yumminess factor high enough?
Kate: How would I know?
by Cortlanddd October 24, 2009
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The act of being incredibly and orgasmically delicious
This is the most YUMMIFUL cheesecake I have ever eaten!!!!
by anderline March 18, 2008
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referring to something (or someone) deeeelicious and tasty. :D
mmm. look at those yummy abs. :
by yourfacesucksface. April 27, 2008
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When something is attractive and you want to show in a sexy way.
Mm, look how yummy Samuel is today. I'd totes fuck him
by Poppy_Altie March 01, 2018
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Gorgeous woman, very often found in the presence of a fuckwit.

When not accompanied by a fuckwit, yummies tend to flock together in bars, clubs or on beaches.

The collective noun for a group of yummies is a moist.
Jussus man, those yummies are dancing so close they're nearly clamjousting !
by Cutaway May 23, 2005
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