A very good indie rock band. Some songs are emotional, but they, unlike most "emo" bands are very talented musical. A lot of their lyrics are pretty powerful, and they have great music to back them up. Generally a great all-around band to be honest. Some of their greatest songs would include: "The Tide" "Lust a Prima Vista" "Staplegunned" "Polygraph, right now!" "Natalie Marie and 1cc" "Valiant" and "All hailt the heartbreaker" (to name a few)
I listened to the Tide and realized that the spill canvas has talent!
by GregMcCjigger November 16, 2006
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Really Awesome Band.I Can't Believe I'm The First Person To Comment On Them. *Punches Keyboard*
They're From Dakota,What More Do You WanT?
Also,They BLow Fall Out Boy AWAAAY!
Take THAT Pete Wentz!
Spill Canvas:
Sunsets and Car Crashes

Spill Canvas:
One Fell Swoop
by bandanasrerad August 22, 2006
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