used to describe something that is out of place or out of wack.

your hair looks all bojangled
by Dennis Shubert May 26, 2006
excessive indulgence in alcohol - to be drunk
lets buy some beer and get bojangled tonight
by QC tron September 27, 2006
A bouncing male package. Usually when a guy wears sweat pants or basketball shorts (any loose/thin material), you can see his package bouncing around.

It got its name from the song Mr. Bojangles:
"I knew a man Bojangles and he danced for you ..."
Check out the Bojangles on that guy!

One could also just start singing the song to alert their friends without necessarily pointing out or bringing attention to the fact you're checking out someone's package.
by Timmy T28 October 7, 2008
noun; the act of experiencing a warm tingly feeling throughout the abdomen close to the end of a piss. Usually experienced by males.
"Dude I just went to the bathroom and got the Bojangles so good.
by i VolkeR i July 25, 2009
Me: Yo, where Bob at? wasn't he supposed to be here?

Other guy: Yea but he's bojangling, he'll be here soon
by masterpuppy July 21, 2010
Something you will never get because of your L rizz.
Basically it is a pussy.
Treal: You got good pussy, girl?
CJ: It's Bojangle!
Girl: (Walks away)
by LeFacts November 12, 2022