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(b1878-d1949) Luther "Bill" Robinson was a real person. A well known and much-loved vaudvillian tap dancer, he played every where, knew everybody and was even considered the "official" mayor of Harlem. His gambling and traveling ways caused him to end up in jail a time or two. His funeral was attended by everybody from Ed Sullivan to Joe DiMaggio to Jackie Robinson. (if you dont know these names, go look em up).
Like many legends, his escapades were embellished and expanded upon, resulting in the song that carries his name that has been covered by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Bob Dylan and others.
Many now-strange remnants of late Jim Crow America, such as vaudville performers appearing in "black-faced" can be learned by reading about his life.
Dude 1: Yo' that scattin is soooo 'Bojangles
Dude 2: I be a tappin' fool tonight, Holmes, aight!
by cosmo kid January 29, 2006

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angel dust may NOW mean powdered cocaine but it USED to mean PCP phencyclidene hydrocloride which is a legitimate amimal tranqualizer. A central nervous system depressant and mild hallucinogen in humans, regular use can be detrimental in so many ways, I dont know where to start. It is psychogically addictive to susceptible people, but not physically addicting. Usually seen as an off-white, low quality powdery crystal with a distinctive solvent odor, its purity varied with each batch as the stuff used to step on it, ie dilute it to increase profit margins were anything but quality controlled. When rolled into a joint and smoked, the result is called a KJ.
Commonly, PCP is passed off as THC or T tetrahydracannabinol, the actice ingredients (mainly the delta 6,9 and 12 isomers) in marijuana smoke thats get you high on the street, as the real stuff is basically unheard of. PCP was obtained from burglaries of animal clinics or simple home synthesis, long before anybody began making bathtub crank, ie crystal, crystal meth or methamphetamine, a truly horrible drug which should never even be experimented with by anyone at any time.
Synthesis of real pharmaceutical quality research THC takes lots of expensive equipment and at least 20 hours of college chem classes level knowledge and proper technique to make properly.
Like the REAL orange sunshine or Mr Natural LSD sold in San Fran in the late 60's, ANYBODY trying to sell you THC is either a liar or a research assistant. Few of the later exist so dont be fooled. Its effect can only be approximated by likening to US Govt grown or other extremely high quality sensemillian, ie seedless marijuana experieced as an intense, clean, slightly dreamy high with none of the effects of having to risk regular bouts of smoke inhalation.
PCP, ie angel dust while not as bad as crack cocaine use or crystal meth it IS a truly awful deal. And a pretty rotten way to spend a Sunday, so dont experiment with it lightly.
dude 1: we're goin to SLAYER dude, lets angle dust it up! i am SSSOOOO stoopid, i cant spell angel correctly!
dude 2: i got some "T", but is really PCP, so i'll turn ya on.
dude 1 (brain-dead) ok, lets chuck it up!
dude 3(redneck): just say NO to drugs!!
dude 1: get lost you nancy reagan wannbe.
dude 2" we may be a little dumb, but dont preach to us while you smoke cigs and crack, get slobbering drunk and have sex with your cousin asshole!
by cosmo kid February 09, 2006

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the name given north vietnamese prison camp where american and ARVN soldiers were imprisoned and tortured during the vietnam war. located in the capitol of what was then north vietnam, hanoi.
sen john mccain (r-az) was imprisoned there and repeatedly tortured. sen mccain was awarded the congressional medal of honor, the country's highest award, upon returing home for his heroic actions of forcing the nva to release soldiers lower in rank, causing the nva great embarassment.
sen mccain has now taken another moral stand against adolph bush and his army of inhumane gutter scum who advocate similar torture.
the hanoi hilton was the place where bush should be placed for 60 days and THEN asked if he still advocates torture for simple uneducated peasents taken prisoner while fighting an invading army.
by cosmo kid January 12, 2006

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combination of (les)bian & thes(pian).
word used to denote any women, typically teenage and early 20-something's who engage in entry-level lesbian behavior for no reason other than to attract the attention of men, usually in bars or similar places.
what they dont realize is that men swayed by this behavior all ALWAYS big time loser spank monkeys.
if the alcohol-assisted spank monkey is emboldened (and dumb) enough to approach these twit-twats or pop tarts, they are always rejected in a shallow 7th grade, cruel and lame manner.
the attention whores french kiss, swap spit, fondle each others boobs and rub each others camel toes in a porn flick manner. this drawing attention to themselves they mistakenly believe will increase their SDQ.
also, now every other female drama queen in the place wants to kill them and they start to crotch cop their own boyfriends in response.
if mistakenly confronted by a woman actually interested some girl-on-girl action, they are offended, shrinking away while defensively making derogatory remarks about the perceived sexual deviancy of the girl hitting them up. the thought of real pussy bopping is never considered. these women are ALWAYS dead fucks anyway, so its best to boink 'em and boot 'em. make sure to get a blow job first as they always suck dick (badly), seldom being able to orgasm, to make up for their lack of sexual prowess and technique. just dont expect them to act like birds from Capistrano and swallow.
(loser)dude 1: kewl! check out those chicks swapping spit, licking each others ear lobes and grabbing twat. they must be drunk and horny. i'm gonna hit on the BLONDE one and score!!
(realistic) dude 2: whack, dem is just lespians. they aint going home wit you unless you give em your american express gold card to hold. besides, the red head one gives toothy hummers. she gummed my shank the other day and she said she gave better head than BLONDIE. when i spooied, she pulled her head away and she got a snowstorm facial.
(mad)chick 1: i'm gonna KILL those fucking paris hilton wannabe ho's if they dont quit that shit and stay away from my boyfriend!
(horny) real lesbian chick (2): i tried to hit on the red head but she blew me off giving me the nigga', please look!!
by cosmo kid February 03, 2006

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Term used commonly in DC during Clinton administration which meant Friend Of Bill. Mostly used by folks who received political appointments or staffer jobs in his administration which initially had stringent qualification requirements to one-up others who didnt. Alot of this vanished in his second term as people who were just low rent suck-ups got jobs. Opposite of this initial behavior is W's legion of brain-dead morons who's sole criterion for administration job is that they gave him money or are friends of the Saudi royal family. FEMA jerkoff Brown who let New Orleans drown while he fiddled, primped and played golf is a textbook example of this anti- meritocratic behavior.
Fat, trailer-trash chick (drooling semen): I'm an F.O.B.
Chick with PhD in Astro-Physics: Nice to meet ya' Monica. you took MY job, bitch!
by cosmo kid January 22, 2006

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refers to the star of a series of spy movies from the late 60's and early 70's, starring james coburn, i think who was a poor mans james bond.
being "in like flynt" means that you will make a lucky escape of a particular situation with minimal damage to one's self.
james coburn being a good friend of the greatest film martial artist of all times, bruce lee, incorporated action stunts into his movies and even introduced some non-firearm weapons play into the mix.
dude 1: wow! that james coburn just escaped from a burning building by sliding down the fire escape of an adjoining one and didnt even get a scratch. he's gonna escape from the bad guy now.
dude 2: check it dude, once he nails anita man or amanda love, he really will be in like flynt!!
by cosmo kid February 17, 2006

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