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When you make someone burst it means giving them a compliment that’s so good they spasm.

Also could be , bursting, or bursted.

Most people really love to burst and get bursted
julia made cameron burst

Janice: Please
Karen: No that’s weird
Janice: Just let me do it karen
Karen: fine janice just make it quick
Janice: *licks eyeball*

by peytonisburstingrightnow October 22, 2017
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Scottish vernacular for something broken, punctured or otherwise gubbed.
The fitba was o'er because wee Eck's toepoke burst the feckin baw.
by Anndra Dubhacan January 14, 2006
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break suddenly and violently apart, spilling the contents.
Girlfriend: *holds her belly in agony*
Me: What is wrong?
Girlfriend: I feel like I'm about to burst!
Me: *freaks out* Oh God! *runs*
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by vincentupsdellred December 10, 2016
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To 'burst' someone is to shoot someone.
The famous example of the word 'burst' being used in this context was in the Megaman (of so solid crew) murder case when a witness claimed he heard megaman telling a friend he was going to 'burst' someone who had disrespected him.

Clarke: yo blud this new Take That tune is off da hizzle fo shizzle
Matt: Bumbaclot, if me hear u say that again i'll burst yo' b*tch ass.

Jonny V - some bredrin stepped to my brother yesterday!
Matt - lets burst that wasteman!
by Jack Da Rippa May 14, 2008
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I shot out a burst from my cell letting the boys know I was off work and ready for the details for the evening's festivities.
by fruitybat June 21, 2009
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Person A- Oh my god, check out these barney tapes i just got!

Person B- Burst.
by Tiffany & Amira May 11, 2005
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