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“Your father went out tho the store to buy some milk. It’s been 14 years.”
by Twink Boy 420 April 7, 2019
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Stop trying to look for him here. He’s gone. Went to get milk. Maybe you need to go get milk too, you are starving.
Person 1: “Where’s your father?”
Person 2: “He went to the milk store.”
by 29YearsApart October 18, 2020
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1) A variation on the insult Your Mother. Can be more successful than your mother because when used right can also question a mans sexuality.

2) An equally as witty comeback for Your Mother

Also see your matt
person 1: Hey, You suck
person 2: your mother
person 1: no, your father
person 2: you suck
person 1: No, your matt
by AngryLiam March 16, 2005
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Your father is your male parent
Your father is a mother and you have 2,147,483,647 mothers and you killed your father and Selena killed you A N D H I S N A M E I S J O H N C E N A . . . T H E F A T H E R O F S E L E N A
by Nobody2147483646 December 25, 2019
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Commonly used British phrase meaning to have sex. I've no idea why it should mean this. Does not mean penis as previously stated.

They've gone to have a bit of the old hows your father!
by hurtle September 18, 2005
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