The most hardcore way of wave-riding. Bodyboarders usually charge harder, get deeper barrels and bust higher airs than stand-up surfers. Contrary to popular belief, most bodyboarders can stand up surf, but choose not to (actually many do). Bodyboarding is usually practiced in (but not limited to) heavy reef waves (like shark island and teahupoo), wedgy waves(like the wedge), and heavy shorebreaks.
bodyboarding is sick!
by get barreled June 8, 2006
For warriors with massive cocks that could sink a surfer pussy any day of the week.

Bodyboarding is taking the prehistoric method of surfing. It can be proved that due to bodyboarders need to lie down on their board increases their sperm count ten fold. Whilst surfing can be attributed to surfers bleeding out of their own arse hole's.
Maybe you should try bodyboarding
by CaptainMorgan'sMum June 22, 2011
Straight-up gayest thing you can possibly do in the ocean, reserved for the most elite homosexuals in existence, Requires no skill.

Dick Draggers...
queer1: Hey bro lets go bodyboarding!
queer2: Ahh i gotta wait a couple days until my dick rash wears off cause its been draggin all over the place.
by getoffmybeach October 24, 2010
The gayest thing you can ever do while riding a wave. A sport that requires no skill at all. Bodyboarders like to imagine that their sport is harder than surfing and they are more "hardcore", but just about everbody knows, they arent. Ohh and around here in southern california most of them seem to have their ears peirced like little fags
the difference between some one who is into surfing and another peopson into bodyboarding

Surfer-"Hey man, wanna go surfing?"

Bodyboarder-"Surfing, your such a pussy, why dont you stop being a little pussy and just lay down on your board asshole"

Surfer-"okay dude, relaz..forget it"

Bodyboarder-"nah chill...i have my fucking ears pierced you cant even come close to my skillzzz....i am to hardcore for you
by thatonesurferked December 9, 2008
the gayest thing u can do in the surf
"hey look at me i can lay down!!"
"wow man ur so good at bodyboarding can u teach me how?"
by yeiw August 29, 2008
the best sport to do in the whole fucken world....Standups r fags
lay down and get barreled... dont stand up..
by Dakine February 19, 2003
A rectangular piece of foam used to ride ocean waves. The species that uses this board is a type of hybrid. They are believed to be half human mixed with some kind of invertebrate. This half-breed can not walk, so it uses Bodyboards to travel. They are most often seen at bad beach breaks. The species that uses this piece of foam are growing at an alarming rate. The animals that uses Bodyboards were once consider the nerdiest something could every be, but now are only no cool.
Look at all those half-breeds riding Bodyboards out there
by go0 April 24, 2011