1. Of poor quality.

2. To fix something work without the appropriate tools, training, or respect for occupational health and safety.

3. A sly person or arrangement, under the table
1. Man, that piece of shit fiat is bodgy as hell.

2. The day before the fire Bruce bodged up the gas pipe with his trusty roll of gaffa tape.

3. Miff bodgily got her plans approved by bribing a bodgy planner at the council.
by Pete Moore August 29, 2006
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something that has been completely scewed up, and looks kinda shifty
look at that chicks bodgy ass. she looks like a mong
by ~69~ August 24, 2005
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Slang term for a personal fabrication or repair task, carried out during work time and using the employers materials. Most often done as a favour for a friend or relative.
1. The barbeque I built at work was one sweet bodgy.
2. Can you do a bodgy for me? I need to get my oil changed and the steering looked at.
by Jason Beale November 9, 2005
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A small round pieces of poo.
Harry proudly walked into the room and told his parents “I did a bodgie nut in the toilet!”
by Memphis85 April 20, 2019
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lacks quality and does not meet any set standards.
Matts aircon installation was bodgy as fuck.

This ozzie bloke is bodgy as fuck.
by PirataCeleste January 15, 2017
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"Yeah I got my mate Brian to write me a Bodgy Dodgy on the ol' Falcon so I could sell her"
by DrDibbles February 21, 2021
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