The act of accidently and completely throwing someone close to you under the bus, at the precise moment that everyone is focused on you
Dad. Falcon, did you hear me calling for you?
Falcon. Yes, but you said we were doing it for the show!
by Rosslyn Maleman October 16, 2009
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When you see a good looking lass in public, ‘Falcon’ is used as a codeword between you and your mates to show that you find them attractive or sexy.
by KB007 December 28, 2019
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Getting hit in the head with an object
usually a flying object and usually a ball of some sort.

Originated from Australian National Rugby League player Mario "falcon" Fenech.
that was the best falcon i've ever seen
by bjstamina April 15, 2011
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The act of jumping into a weather balloon, untying it from where it was, then jumping out and hiding under a box in the garage.
a: Dude! We were looking all over for you! Where the fuck did you go?
b: Haha I pulled a falcon and was in the garage the whole time!
by iloveyou123456 October 15, 2009
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When a dude or a chick puts their index finger and middle finger in a girl's vagina while simultaneously placing that hand's thumb in her asshole.
I went Discovery Channel on that brod last night and slipped her the Falcon.

One finger wasn't enough for her so I gave her the Falcon.
by duckslayer11 October 31, 2010
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(n) {Fahl-kin}

A young, hip, usually single female who possesses an innate aggressive, fierce, often head turning demeanor. Kind of like a cougar, only younger. Quick to strike, one capable of taking the eyes of men who seek them.

There are many derivations of the falcon. Some more mysterious, hardly seen. Some small in stature, (Pygmy falcon.)
1 Man to another Man in club: " Did you see that falcon at the bar? I would sever my left arm for a chance to date her!"
by Metal Wendler November 09, 2009
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