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The act of accidently and completely throwing someone close to you under the bus, at the precise moment that everyone is focused on you
Dad. Falcon, did you hear me calling for you?
Falcon. Yes, but you said we were doing it for the show!
by Rosslyn Maleman October 16, 2009
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Getting hit in the head with an object
usually a flying object and usually a ball of some sort.

Originated from Australian National Rugby League player Mario "falcon" Fenech.
that was the best falcon i've ever seen
by bjstamina April 15, 2011
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The act of jumping into a weather balloon, untying it from where it was, then jumping out and hiding under a box in the garage.
a: Dude! We were looking all over for you! Where the fuck did you go?
b: Haha I pulled a falcon and was in the garage the whole time!
by iloveyou123456 October 15, 2009
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A bad team that was just barely above mediocre when their dog slaughtering franchise quarterback was scrambling for five yard losses and committing unforced errors. Owners of one of the most disastrous offseasons in recent NFL history, they now have a stable of quarterbacks which includes first round bust Joey Harrington and Jacksonville castaway Byron Leftwich to choose from.

Now that Michael Vick wears his soap around his neck, most of their infamously stupid, arrogant fans have crawled back into the woodwork and would rather talk about the Hawks or Thrashers these days. Despite the outspoken nature of their especially annoying followers (the few that remain post-Vick), fan support has never been one of their strong suits, as one of their games was blacked out recently and entire sections of seats sat empty in their 2007 home opener against the Carolina Panthers. They also like to talk up every scrub and practice squad signing as if they're all Pro Bowlers waiting to happen. An unhealthy obsession with trying to tear down non-Falcon NFC South players that are far superior to anyone on their roster (Steve Smith, Drew Brees, Jake Delhomme, Marques Colston, Reggie Bush, Will Smith, Charles Grant, Julius Peppers, Kris Jenkins, etc.) is also common.

Their recent exploits of note include Michael Vick flipping off his own fans after a home loss to the Saints and a loss to Carolina in which the Panthers repeatedly direct snapped to running back DeAngelo Williams and attempted only seven passes. In Vick's absence, overrated and overpaid cornerback DeAngelo Hall has gladly stepped up to continue Vick's legacy of stupidity, amassing massive fines and costly game-changing penalties.

Easily the most hated team in the NFC South, Saints, Bucs, and Panthers fans can all agree on their mutual dislike of the Falcons and their fans.
The NFC South has three NFL teams-Bucs, Panthers, Saints-and one CFL team-the Falcons.
by Moltar November 15, 2007
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When a dude or a chick puts their index finger and middle finger in a girl's vagina while simultaneously placing that hand's thumb in her asshole.
I went Discovery Channel on that brod last night and slipped her the Falcon.

One finger wasn't enough for her so I gave her the Falcon.
by duckslayer11 October 31, 2010
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The best NFL team in the league, based in the epic city of Atlanta. the Fans are great and female falcon fans are sexy. before 2013, they had 5 winning seasons in a row, and are poised to win a SB in the next 3 years. Led by a top 5 QB in Matt Ryan, with the #2 and #3 best WRs in the NFL in Roddy White and Julio Jones. They also have a Solid LB corps lead by Sean Weatherspoon and Paul Worrilow, and a very young Secondary with the CB duo of Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford.

Most teams with the Falcons on their schedule will cry, knowing it will be an automatic loss.
Cleavland Brown fan: We got the Falcons in the DOME in 2014!? WTF NFL?

Aints fan: LOL we got a ring over 30 years ago by cheating, and we still going to put it in your face trolololol.

Steelers Fan: we Also have to go to the dome... FUUUUU

Lions fan: oh shyt! the Falcons are undefeated outside the country and we have to get owned to them in London? WHY NFL WHY?
by b17 January 30, 2014
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Best fucking football team in the league with the best QB- Michael Vick
The Falcons r the most badass team and derserve the superbowl
by anonomous March 03, 2005
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