Acronym for Bitchy Ol' Dickhead Aha

People who possess this name are 2x more likely to be bad at video games. Like actual walking crap. Although big simps, their E-Girl crushes are usually swooned by their much cooler female friends. Another fun fact about Boda is that they are 89% more prone to pissing their bed than those with other names. This is usually since the male bladder's functionality reflects the level of their video game skills. But Boda isn't all that bad! I can give a list of positive attributes! For instance sometimes h
"Oh its Boda. Cringe."
"Pfft. Fake gamer alert! You suck!"
"Get a bladder implant NERD!"
by JohnDale69 February 09, 2021
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A boda is a fat girl / woman. An extremely large or obese woman. An overweight chick.
1) Yo homie, I'll take the dime you can have the boda.

2) Damn, that boda's taking up the whole dance floor.
by Hugoboss August 25, 2006
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Bikes or Scooters used to transport passengers in Uganda. The term comes from the seventies when Ugandans living at the Malaba border with kenya used these bikes to transport goods and other items in the absence of vehicles.
"How much is the boda boda fee from Kampala to Entebbe?"
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An instant and severe case of diarrhea. A blow out diarrhea attack.
Dude! The nuclear wing sauce caused me to have a BODA!
by ninjawise December 13, 2019
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> Acronym- BODA: Big Old Donkey Ass!

Used when describing a girl's ass.

Can be used in a positive or negative context.
1) Damn playa check out that smoking hot shorty shaking her Boda up in this piece!

2) Yo home's What up with that Boda thinking she all fly with her nasty ass!

3) Hell's to the yeah buoy,check home girls Boda it's so fat you can see it from the front!
by Jah Boogie September 10, 2012
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