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Something that very few people know the true meaning of. Even though deja vu is French for "already seen", it actually is used to describe the strange feeling you get when you're in a situation, and feel like you've been in the exact same situation before, but really haven't. Most people think it means the same thing happening twice, which is wrong. Get it right people!
Jack: Hrmm..
Bob: What?
Jack: I could have sworn I've been here before. But I know I haven't.
Bob: Heh. Deja vu?
Jack. Yeah. What a strange feeling!
by Codeman April 17, 2005

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a band listened to by 12-14 year olds who wouldn't know good music if it bit them in the ass.

play songs consisting of guitars with the gain and distortion cranked all the way up while playing power chords during 99% of the "songs".

a stupid talentless band who should be shot.
slipknot is pure garbage
by Codeman November 19, 2003

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A guy who pats another man on the ass
So yeah the bitch clit felt me up again.
by codeman August 18, 2003

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Acronym for Big Ol' Dumb Ass.
That dude in the monster truck is a boda.
by Codeman February 17, 2004

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