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Mawie is a sexy motherfucker, as often described by both herself and her peers (who should be eternally grateful to have ever even looked at such a fine specimen like Mawie). People named Mawie tend to have a rare form of a genetic mutation which makes their brain 10x the regular size and capacity of a non-Mawie. This means that they are very intelligent beings and have quite attractive brain wrinkles. Mawie is a superior being, a god amonsgt men. Anyone who dares to disrespect Mawie will have to fight her four funky friends to the death because such slander will not be tolerated in the Mawie community.
"Oh my god, thats Mawie! Quick, offer her your devotion! Praise her and her ginormous ass!"
"Damn. I wish my brain was as hot as Mawie's"
"Aha damn bbg you're such a Mawie! Finna make me act up ;)"
by JohnDale69 May 06, 2021
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When someone says they’re gonna fuck your dad so you threaten to fuck their mom and they call you a bitch and so you call them a bitch and then they tell you to kys .
Gosh Alex your fragilinity is so lame
by JohnDale69 July 06, 2021
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A group of famously sexy and badass ducks who enjoy Minecraft. These feathery gamers are not to be messed with, especially since they have the Power Of Kyle on their side. The Duck Gang was originally formed on a Minecraft server named SimplyVanilla, and since many copycat gangs have been formed. But of course, no gang can ever compare to the notorious Duck Gang!
"Kirbs you fool! Messing with Duck Gang has serious consequences!"
"I wish I was a member of the Duck Gang"
"Damn shawty, that sexy bill of yours is Duck Gang worthy!"
by JohnDale69 May 09, 2021
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Acronym for Bitchy Ol' Dickhead Aha

People who possess this name are 2x more likely to be bad at video games. Like actual walking crap. Although big simps, their E-Girl crushes are usually swooned by their much cooler female friends. Another fun fact about Boda is that they are 89% more prone to pissing their bed than those with other names. This is usually since the male bladder's functionality reflects the level of their video game skills. But Boda isn't all that bad! I can give a list of positive attributes! For instance sometimes h
"Oh its Boda. Cringe."
"Pfft. Fake gamer alert! You suck!"
"Get a bladder implant NERD!"
by JohnDale69 February 09, 2021
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