Small tapioca balls, that are usually found in drinks.
Josh: Mmmmmm I like having the balls in the mouth.
Me: Oh my favorite flavor is strawberry
Josh: Then I suck the cock afterwards.
Me: Uhhh I don't think we're talking about the same thing......
by Biznizatch March 7, 2004
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refers to a tapioca ball that can be found in many flavors and colors, most commonly large, black, and sweet, which is contained in cold, flavored green, black, or oolang tea, coffee, smoothies, slushies, and snow bubbles. originated as refering to the drink itself, being "bubble tea"--tea that has been shaken to insured proper mixing causing bubbles to form. this is popular in places with large populations of asian people, especially in the annoying teeny bopper age group. served anywhere from asian restaraunts, trendy cafes, coffee shops, hole-in-the-wall diners, and juice bars.
dar: hey i'm bored
stace: me too
rick: hey let's go to guppy to get some boba!
danny: but there are some many little annoying teeny boppers there
stace: it's so trendy
rick: i want boba!
dar: ok fine
by pandizzle December 5, 2003
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1. (With capital) forename of Mr. Fett, the bounty hunter of Star Wars fame who helps trap Han Solo at the climax of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

2. Breasts, tits, norks, boobs, etc.,

3. Rounded creamy-sugary floating ball found in various kinds of drinks.
Boba's even worse than his father Jango.

She has a cute ass and two really nice, firm bobas up front.

There are two or three bobas floating in my cappucino.
by Fearman April 1, 2008
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Another name for boba is Tapioca balls. It is usually
found at the bottom of bubble tea or boba milk tea cup. It is also actually pronounced, Buo Ba in Mandarin. The literal meaning is a slang for "big breast / nipple" as the tapioca balls/bobas resembles a mother's nipple.
" I want my milk tea boba ! "

" That girl has boba ! "

by lDYxTWEEKSZ August 5, 2006
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Little pearls of black jelly, usually found in milk tea.
Hey look! That Strawberry BOBA Deluxe is just $1.50!
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to call some one stupid, an idiot or nerdy. comonly used as part of the puerto rican vocabulary
Ay! que boba! - oh what a boba!
Mira a ese bobo! - look at that bobo.
by gjsdyfbb January 30, 2008
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besides being a tapioca drink

it is also acronym for "Brought Over By Airplane", a newer, a more modern way to say "fob" since no one migrates using boats anymore.

more ironically, it is used often on asian fobs since boba is a popular taiwanese drink.
Edsel: "whats it mean by 'hit on'?"

Charlie: ... Edsel you boba...
by CharliePwnsEdsel January 14, 2008
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