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refers to a tapioca ball that can be found in many flavors and colors, most commonly large, black, and sweet, which is contained in cold, flavored green, black, or oolang tea, coffee, smoothies, slushies, and snow bubbles. originated as refering to the drink itself, being "bubble tea"--tea that has been shaken to insured proper mixing causing bubbles to form. this is popular in places with large populations of asian people, especially in the annoying teeny bopper age group. served anywhere from asian restaraunts, trendy cafes, coffee shops, hole-in-the-wall diners, and juice bars.
dar: hey i'm bored
stace: me too
rick: hey let's go to guppy to get some boba!
danny: but there are some many little annoying teeny boppers there
stace: it's so trendy
rick: i want boba!
dar: ok fine
by pandizzle December 04, 2003
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blended drink that usually contains: fruit or fruit/nut-flavored syrup; tea or tea-flavored powder; ice; milk, coconut milk, soy milk or powdered milk. sometimes served mixed with boba.
stace: snow bubbles are delicious, but fattening
dar: get one without boba so you'll feel less guilty
by pandizzle December 04, 2003
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