A person from Nova Scotia. Contrary to popular belief, the schooner Bluenose was named after the people of Nova Scotia, not vice-versa. The term has been in use since at least the late 18th-century.
...I just got back from a weekend in Halifax. Man, those Bluenosers like to drink!
by fernguts November 18, 2009
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According to Webster's Dictionary:

n.- one who attempts to impose his or her
moral code upon others.

In other words: A purtianical person who
tries to dominate your way of life by forcing
THEIR way of life down your throat.

An aggressive prude that engages in censorship,
behaves like a puritain, and condemns you as
if they were a religious zealot because they
are acting like so full of pride when they are
really full of shit.
Some bluenoses get TOO aggressive in their
idea in censorship. They need to get 21st
century and get laid.
by CDSmith1967 March 19, 2006
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Having great discomfort in your nasal passages after a partial sneeze, equivalent in discomfort to Blueballs from withholding a male orgasm in sexual intercourse.

An analogy coined by NovaWar and MaximusBlack of Life's A Glitch TV to help describe the pain of succumbing to a partial sneeze.

FOGL Fail Cup Show Match Game 2 -- Starcraft 2 LAGTV
"Half a sneeze, which is just painful and no fun." "It's the worst, it's like blueballs for your nose...bluenose."
by DavidELD November 28, 2012
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the only sail boat that never lost a race. fastest sail boat in the world from nova scotia canada
bluenose poons u all
by donalddonkey June 14, 2005
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Often confused with Newfies due to their similarly odd accents, Bluenosers are residents of Nova Scotia, Canada. They are commonly fishermen, hunters, and seafood lovers.
"Those Bluenosers sure know how to party."
by madipun September 26, 2018
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Bluenose: or more simply nose. A Birmingham City fan, usually from the east side of Birmingham (the rough area) Often shaven headed as youngsters with earings from the age of 5 upwards, tattoos from 15 upwards. Generally unemployed or unemployable foul mouthed with a deep resentment of the big football club in the city Aston Villa.
'Oim a bluenose and we aint wun nuffin, we 'ate ver Villa' or 'look it wernt me officer, he borrowed it to me I daint nick it oim a honest bluenose'
by Lord Aston March 11, 2008
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