"Orgasm Inhibiting Male". A man who is unable to sexually satisfy women. Often used as an insult, if a man seems incompetent, selfish, impotent, or misogynist. Possibly an incel.
"Why does Gary get in such a bad mood about his girlfriend having friends over? That's oim behaviour."

"I matched with a guy on Tinder and he told me his sister has to order takeout for him, because he's too scared to use the phone. Why do I only ever attract oims?"
by good5u June 9, 2021
a total douche; the type of person who really gets under your skin just by being themselves.
John: Dude, what is this kids deal? No matter what he annoys the shit out of me.

James: Bro, the kid is and oim, plain and simple.
by uncleD03 April 20, 2011
to be an OIM, litereally means to be an embarassing idiot. It generally refers to children but can be used to describe people of any age.
Stop acting like an OIM, people are watching.
by the pasta god August 3, 2010
to OIM, litereally means to behave in an embarassing idiotic manner. It generally refers to children but can be used with people of any age.
stop acting like an OIM
by hedro nickelback July 1, 2010