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British slang for Germans, especially during WWI, to imply their "barbarian" nature.

AKA Fritz, Gerry, Krauts, or Square-heads

It's especially funny given that the actual historical tribe known as Huns weren't Germanic at all.
The Hun is feeling snug behind his barbed-wire, but the Tommies will root him out soon.
by fernguts March 4, 2011
When Thierry Henry used his hand to set up a goal in the World Cup qualifying match between France and Ireland on Nov 19/09.

It is akin to the "Hand of God" goal that Dieggo Maradonna scored to eliminate England from the 1986 World Cup, except that this time it was a Frenchman.
Irish eyes aren't smiling, thanks to the hand of frog!
by fernguts November 20, 2009
A robotic offshoot of humanity that is only concerned with four things: gym, tan, laundry, and "smooshing".
Best exemplified by the characters on the TV show Jersey Shore.

If encountered in the wild, do not startle them, and do NOT accept the offer of a drink.
Yo yo yo! We tandroids be doin' GTL before hittin' the clubs! It's a Joisey thang!
by fernguts March 30, 2011
A person from Nova Scotia. Contrary to popular belief, the schooner Bluenose was named after the people of Nova Scotia, not vice-versa. The term has been in use since at least the late 18th-century.
...I just got back from a weekend in Halifax. Man, those Bluenosers like to drink!
by fernguts November 18, 2009