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after your girlfriend sticks some blueberries up there on a hot summer day and leaves 'em there for a day til they jam up then squeezes them on your face.
"ay? you hear tom's girl blueberried him yestahday?"
"yeah! I heard she raspberries too!"
by InsertItalianGirlsNameHere April 21, 2010
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(Stoner term): The opposite of "cherried". It is when the bowl has spontaneously stopped combusting, and needs to be relit.
"Hey man, you got that lighter? The bowl is blueberried."

as opposed to...

"Hey man, I don't need the lighter. The bowl is nicely cherried."

Generally, it is preferred that the bowl is cherried instead of blueberried, so that the unnecessary inhalation of butane is avoided.
by Johnson420 November 30, 2011
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