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This is not what you call people from Afghanistan. This is the currency that they use. In Europe they use Euros, in Turkey they use Liras, well in Afghanistan they use Afghani's. People from Afghanistan are called "AFGHANS" NOT "AFGHANI'S"
And also-
Afghanistan is a central asian country not a south asian country, because we're not the same as the Indian Sub Continent.
I had to pay 30 Afghani's to get a kabob dish!!!
by minni4 March 15, 2005
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street term used mainly by jamaican drug dealers when referring to afghan weed, or weed from Afghanistan...
jah mon, meh got dat afghani ya wonted!
by Da Chef January 07, 2006
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A insult used in south asia specially pakistan for someone who's mean, untrustworthy, backstabber or deals in lowquality narcotics. Also used as a synonym for snake.
guy1: hey remember i gave you that money a few months back i want it now i am in some financial trouble.
guy2: sorry bro i cant i dont have any money now. you know m broke af, you have to wait
guy1: ok np
''few days later guy1 sees guy2 partying ''

guy1: omg fucking hell that asshole is such a afghani
by kingkhushal October 26, 2017
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A person with a low character,morals and values. typically a backstabber. it is an insult used in pakistan specially in the north pakhtunkhwa province. also used instead of snake.
''this term derives from afghan refugees who came in millions to pakistan and still come for education and treatment. though afghan govt was against creation of pakistan and involved in killing of many pakistanis afghan refugees still work against pakistan and sponsor terrorism there.''
guy1: yo i heard that 'xyz' dude ran away instead of helping when he saw his brother getting beat up by the rival gang lol
guy2: omg what a lowlife afghani
by paroonkhan November 14, 2017
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used as an insult in pakistan for a person who is untrustworthy, backstabber, snitch and involved in narcotics trade.
guy1: he man we known each other for quite some time and i have always helped you. i am in this fight can you help me out?
guy2: sure bro why not
'' after a while guy2 sees some boys running over to beat guy1''
guy2: ''runs away''
guy1: you fucking #afghani i always knew you were a pussy.
by kingkhushal October 24, 2017
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