means to be so high and/or blowed that when youre around your hot lover you can get a boner, but theres no stimulation so...pretty much your dick is lazy, its a boner but just is half-assed.
"haha, look at your dick, its a half boner"
"no, im so blowed man, i got blowed dick"
by BrookLynn & Brandon.Stonerkids October 12, 2009
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girl: he’s so annoying he kept blowing dick on me about his dog.

boy: damn he’s so emo
by Armani Horus June 14, 2018
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When a situation is so wretched, it would be preferable to suck on a dick, for no compensation greater than children's candy.
Alternatively, when one is literally giving a beejer and chasing it with a bag of Skittles.
"I'm hungover, I'm not having fun, work blows dick for skittles. I want to kill myself." - Oscar Wilde
by captainturkmenistan April 26, 2011
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Deena from Jersey Shore: I’m hungover, I’m not having a good time. Work blows dick for skittles right now, I wanna kill myself
by stansdad March 24, 2011
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Experiencing something so splendid that it's beyond mind blowing. Something so amazingly out of this world, it can only be expressed by comparing the subject to having your dick (in the best way)
Have you tried Karen's tiramisu? It is so good, it'll blow your dick off!
by @thatblondechick December 1, 2014
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When your uncle puts on a black latex suit and nothing is showing except for his stinky sack.
Will Zientko loves watching uncle blow dick dance around freakishly
by TwitchyGnu April 3, 2023
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