Italian dessert. Contains tinny bitty alcohol content. Melts in your mouth, never in your hands.
Have it with a glass of champange. Heavens!
by weisser January 9, 2005
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Have a good day.
Created by the japanese band An Cafe. It is one of the several words created to be used by their fans.
by Cafekko June 28, 2008
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When someone takes a shit on a pillow, and then cums on top of the shit.
1)Dude Ahmad just laid a sick tiramisu on my pillow
2) If he does that shit again I'm gonna tiramisu on his pillow man.
3) When I woke up there was a tiramisu on my pillow, It must have been Ahmad
by MAHDOG6969 December 27, 2011
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foursome, with partners of different races
by err August 25, 2003
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When a lady masturbates, (herself or a partner) with coffee, then ejaculates onto her hand
Dude, I met this sexy barista at the coffee shop. She took me round back and made a tiramisu.
by Chocolate_Turtles December 28, 2012
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When they’re giving you head and you cum unexpectedly to the point where it makes them cough.
he went completely tiramisu
by francois3.14 March 30, 2019
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You're about to engage in some pleasurable glory-hole sucking. Just as you feel the hot, humid breath of the giver upon your phallus, you promptly turn around and eject your bowel contents all over the giver. Subsequently, in due haste, you turn back around and urinate on the giver (now termed "victim") to add a second layer to the mess. To top it all off, you jerk a quickie and climax to add the third and final layer. Your final act is to whisper "sorry" through the hole you discharged all of your bodily contents through, and ask the victim for a square of toilet paper to clean yourself up with.
Joseph: What did you do last weekend, Susan?
Susan: I went to give some guy a blow job in a glory-hole and he fucking blew the nastiest tiramisu all over me. It took me all week to smell normal again.
Joseph: Wow, that sounds horrible!
by Dirty Gavin August 19, 2017
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