Thank your mother for the gracious beejer. Here is the $5 I owe her. Please see that she recieves it.
by Bill January 28, 2003
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comes from beejay, which comes from b.j., which comes from blowjob.
hint: Girls have been found to believe that a beejer is another word for a bagel (I've done it). warning: end results can range from wonderful, to comical, to horrible.
R: "Hey Sarah, can I have a beejer?"
S: "What's a beejer?"
R: "oh...uhh... that's another word for a bagel, everyone's using it these days..."
S: "Oh, well sure, come to my room later for a beejer."
R: "sweeeet."
by Fan dango May 01, 2006
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