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from the german word "blitzkrieg", meaning lightning (a very offensive-minded war strategy developed by the germans in WW2 that advocated quick control of your enemy's territory through fast and violent military bombardment; usually combining land and air attacks).

Used in football terminology to denoted a defensive play in which many defensive players are used to try and break through the offensive line (the line protecting the quarterbacks and running backs). A Blitz usually leaves the defence vulnerable to passing plays, but it also cuts down on the time the quarterback has to throw the ball (it's main purpose is to put pressure on the quarterback or sack the quarterback).
The defence really got good penetration on that blitz.
by Rayl November 24, 2003
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getting high; the result of inhaling too much smoke or smoking too much weed
yo i drank last nite and got so blitz!
by nicholas July 13, 2003
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The Blitz referes to the Season 5 episode (aired on Monday Nov 22) of How I Met Your Mother, when one person leaves the group for any period of time and something amazing happens. You can pass on the Blitz from being part of the group when somthing amazing does happen, but another person from the group had to leave between 2-30 minutes prior to that amazing thing happening.
Robin: Barney! where did you go you missed it!
Barney: Missed what?!
Robin: We were in the thanksgiving parade!
(Prior Blitz): yea and i was there!
Barney: Awwww man!!

(Barney becomes the blitz)
by Enigma54139 November 29, 2010
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When its cold people on da streets say its 'Blitz'. This means Very Cold!
Eg. Oh my god bruva, its blitz.

Meaning...... Oh my God its very cold!!
by SMUDGER2001 April 30, 2008
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German: A flash of lightning. Used to illustrate extremely high speed.
"The führer gave orders to start a blitzkrieg." (krieg=war)
by Krazy Kraut January 18, 2004
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The process, action of altering or modifying a piece of uniform so that the desired result is achieved. The desired result in a piece of hat brass would be the edges are worn down by sandpaper, or some of the detail is taken out by sandpaper. The desired result in a pair of shoes would be that they are very shiny. you can Blitz out other things such as a shirt by ironing it very well, you can blitz out a room by cleaning it very well.
Did you see how blitzed out his shoes were.

I' am blitzing a piece of hat brass.

Make sure that your room's are blitzed for inspection tomorrow.
by Patrick Boyle October 15, 2007
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Totally out of it; usually weed and alcohol related, but can also be from a lack of sleep or something that happened.

Usually invokes a feeling of separation from life, like you're the only one and everyone else is moving around you. Time usually seems warped, and stupid things are suddenly hilarious.
Dude.. me and some buddies got some weed, we were so blitzed!

I can't do this test, I didn't get enough sleep so I'm totally blitzed.

Don't bother talking to Frederick, that chick asked him out and he's blitzing.
by Zantraenax October 14, 2009
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