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getting high; the result of inhaling too much smoke or smoking too much weed
yo i drank last nite and got so blitz!
by nicholas July 13, 2003

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Someone who shits in his pants; a coward. (German)
"Er war so ein Hosenscheisser, dass er das huebsche Maedchen nicht anreden konnte." (He was such a pants-shitter that he couldn't talk to the cute girl."
by Nicholas December 21, 2002

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When a girl looks bangin!
Damn, Shes got BODY KARATE!
by Nicholas February 02, 2004

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a sock that a Seaman(Navy) will bring aboard the ship with him for the lonely nights (trust me)
"Yea Bill all the guys knew never to touch that sock on the rack,they knew it was my spunk sock, im gunna get me some loving tonight
by Nicholas June 20, 2004

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can also be
a. fatty-e.
b. f.-everything

a rich girl who buys small, expensive/fashionable shirts and pants that expose her fat arms, stomach, etc.

a fashionable girl who forgets she weighs 300 lbs.

originates from "the girl with fat...everything."
have you seen fat-everything's new glittery shirt? her stomach's almost breaking the seams!
by nicholas March 30, 2005

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Sick, Player, Connected with Gangsters, "Down" with it all, Known for skill and ability, etc.
"Yo that nigga mutelabs, he the shit homey!"
by Nicholas February 04, 2005

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Someone who changes for money or fame.
Good Charalette sold out b\c they change teir music so that 13 year old girls would like them. they said on their 1st cd that they hated mtv know they are on it everyday. fuck them
by Nicholas July 13, 2003

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