bliss, a trance-like happiness, euphoric almost

can be sexual, overwhelmed with stimulation leading this trance-like state of being so aroused and blissful
I'm so blissed out after spending time with Michael, I can't stop grinning!
by M-L-M August 17, 2011
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When an actor dies in the movies, especially a violent death, and he's got a blissful, euphoric, yet stupid look on his face.
Wow, he's ALL blissed out after falling off that building and landing on thar car hood!
by LonePooper February 3, 2018
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high on drugs (esp. ecstacy), i.e. loved up
I took three tabs and got totally blissed out
by dilbert scrunchie June 20, 2003
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to relax, daydream, or temporarily lose consciousness merely from contentment and not moving
"Yo man, I downloaded those new tracks and am just gunna bliss out all afternoon listening to them."
by numaaaa February 9, 2009
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To be overcome by bliss.
Dude, I am totally blissed-out on this new record.
by yeahdood May 5, 2009
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Completely happy and relaxed. Feeling or expressing blissful happiness.
"I'm so blissed out right now."
"Same, i love feeling blissed out."
by Slayeveryday February 12, 2023
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When you arrange to meet someone and then you stooge them.
Miranda arranged to meet Greg at riverfire and then she decided to Bliss-out and ditch Greg. Leaving him standing alone and confused for the duration of the riverfire.
by MattBreasts September 16, 2006
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