To be securely adored and loved by another
My new girlfriend makes me feel so loved up, I walk around smiling like an idiot all day.
by disparue47 November 14, 2016
To be in a relationship that is noticeably - often excessively - romantic. (Chiefly used in UK, sometimes sarcastically but often without irony)
"Dave and Anna are so loved up, they're always holding hands and just looking at each other."
by Where's Mike? March 31, 2007
The feeling of love and well being whilst high of drugs normally strong Class A types.
I'm soooo loved up
by Jelly_Boy March 25, 2004
"he done got loved up and turned into a horny toad"
by miss m February 28, 2003
Was that DJ really good or did I just think so because I was all loved up?
by zachwolff October 15, 2003
i was so loved up i was bouncin off the walls
by louis June 17, 2002
Someone who talks about their girlfriend quite a lot, or does stuff for said girlfriend.
Me, apparently (Matt) am loved up. Sally Jenkinson said so. She's a cummer, and a beanflicker.