Variation of "there"
Well helo thar kekeke ^_^
by Madacc April 16, 2003
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a place somewhere, other than where you are, and not here.
Look at the 007 over thar.
(see 007 for definition)
by RKSP July 22, 2003
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a state of inability to operate due to over stimulation; dangerous indecision. Also known as: deer in headlights
The kid stood in thar when it came time to introduce his science project to the class.
by Morrigan Gadling January 8, 2008
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Another word for 'there', usually said when using an accent of some sort
Can also be Thars, which could be used to replace 'there is'.
by mobina_bobina November 22, 2010
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The Thigh of a pirate
Sex Addicted pirate : Your big Jucy Thars Gives me a Bonar.
by C The J February 4, 2009
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That is a person that likes playing with many balls including the ones on a guys genitalia
Thar is such a hoe she likes balls
by The Truth Seeker Finder April 17, 2022
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The mystical place that in general conversation is always refered to by a person that does not want another to know where exactly it is, or they themself do not know exactly where themself.
by KrimdalaKrim February 19, 2009
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