When you have a boner so big that you can see it through a guys pants from like 20 yards away.
Holy shit! Did you see Josh’s pocket blimp?!”
by BonierRope February 15, 2020
A marijuana cigarette, a joint that has been rolled thin on the ends and very plump in the center, burns fast till it gets to the center. Popular throughout the state of New York and the country as well, mostly rolled by Old-Timers or people that are just in a hurry to smoke, no skill is required to roll a New York Blimp.
Whilst in the city, ran across a retired NYPD officer, sat down on a bunch he asked if I wanted to smoke, he pulled out a "New York Blimp" that looked like it was pregnant, it was time to spark it up
by FrankW May 23, 2022
to continuously be working and improving one's current situation.
..Having a good year and my intension is to blimp-on -Lupe Fiasco
by Eddie Huxtable August 21, 2013
An impressive male genitalia gliding in for docking in your flesh hangar.
As she laid down, I released my skin blimp, but I was worried about a hard landing...
by cubs win January 28, 2012
A parody on the song "Whoomp there it is!" to fit the mocking enthusiasm of a pissy fat person.
(Fat-ass bitches about something petty)
Uh oh, Blimp, There It Is! Blimp, There It Is!
by yursh22 May 17, 2017
When you pop a pimple bigger than your eye and it frickin explodes everywhere and its disgustang
by Murmantskable February 24, 2022