When one has had so much sex that their cock is rubbed raw but they have sex again anyway and it burns like a motherfucker and just as they reach a climax and cum they yell, “Oh the humanity!”
“Sorry, Betty. We need to slow down. That last fuck was the Hindenburg for me. My dick is a disaster.”
by theinstigator June 4, 2016
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\ˈhin-dən-ˌbərg, -ˌbu̇rg, -, een

When a female (or male) blows air into a males foreskin, making a balloon.

Then punches his balls, creating a surprising amount of pain that ruins the moment.
"Man that hooker last night gave me a Hindenburg, and now my balls are swollen."

"I like Hindenburging. I'm into that kind of abuse"
by Sundog_ December 22, 2013
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The act of a massive explosion occurring followed promptly by a crash and burn of said exploding object, often to the surprise of many onlookers or third-parties.
"The night was going great, until the pressure was on and I Hindenburg'ed in my pants at the very sight of her!"
by ImmunityZZ January 25, 2012
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1. A famous German zeppelin which crashed in New Jersey back in 1937.
2. An extremely obese German person.
*Nick D and his homeboys are out vacationing in Munich, Germany during the Oktoberfest festival while they drink all the beer they want*

Nick D: Holy Shit y'all, run! Move out of the way because the Hindenburg is about to crash down over here!!!

*Nick D and his homies move out of the way as a very very fat man runs in between them and the crowd*

Nick D: Oh wait my bad y'all, that's just a morbidly overweight cheese hog who looks like he's trying to find the restroom. Must have the beer shits or something.
by Mark H September 23, 2004
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During protected intercourse, the man starts to urinate inside his condom while in the doggy style position. As the condom starts filling up with pee, he pulls out and yells in his best German accent "Das Hindenburg!!" and proceeds to pee until the condom explodes all over his partners back.
Tim: "Did you pee your bed last night?"

BD: "No, I just did the Hindenburg"
by TheGeneral45 February 11, 2010
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A word for when a girl is giving you, through inexperience or sheer malice, a particularly toothy blowjob. As her teeth scrape down your shaft you are forced to cry "Oh the humanity!".
"Dude, how was that girl last night?"
"Ouch, sorry man."
by Sebb May 22, 2005
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The hindenburg is where after sex the man pisses into the condom while it's on. Then he pulls it off spins it around above his head and yells "HINDENBURG" and then smashes it over the girls head.
He did the hindenburg to her last night.
by pittdude April 7, 2006
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