A bastardization of everyday the marijuana user's preferred frequency of use.
Yeah man I smoke weed erryday.
by charlevoix May 10, 2010
slang for everyday, mainly used when talking about overcoming an obstacle or excelling at something
"hey man nice shot" "ya you kno i do that all day erryday"
by da body snatcha December 5, 2009
Slang for everyday. for people that are so lazy when texting that they can't spell everyday and it becomes erryday. Remember never use this word unless you are a total bro.
Bob: Dude nice golf shot it was mad strat.

Phil: I know breh i would take that erryday.
by Clevmister October 15, 2009
Slang word for everyday. Only meant to be used by people with extreme swagga. First coind by Scot Stitchick
Scot has his swag on erryday!!
by swaggaholics February 18, 2010
Created in 2009 by Jevastus Destinus, this "word" means "a worthless pathetic whore that fucks a couple of boys everyday for a couple of bucks". Usually an attention whore. "whore" is replaceable with "slut, bitch, hoe, prostitute, and doxie".
Jevastus: How's it going?
Idiot: That's none of your business.
Jevastus: Alright then, shove a fucking white whale up your ass, you worthless fuck-a-couple-o'-boys-erryday-for-a-couple-o'-bucks whore. :-)
by Jevastus Destinus January 18, 2011