A particularly explosive, and often moist, bowel movement. Tends to require liberal use of the bog brush to clear. Often described as a colossal crapocalypse
"Christ! Who's emptied the cement mixer down the crapper?!"
"That's not cement Gavin, Max has just done a whopping great Carruthers!"
by Swag biscuit January 17, 2019
One of the sexiest video models in the Hip Hop Music world today with one of the best asses in the world. Recently seen in videos by Tony Yayo and 50 cent in "So Seductive" and Juelz Santana in "Oh Yes/Clockwork".
If you don't beleive me, then check out her (Buffie "The Body" Carruth) website at buffie the body.com
by Tshawn Biggs March 3, 2006
aimee carruthers so secy wow
wow aimee carruthers is so sexy
by slagfacearse July 14, 2022