a British person, term comes from sailors who came to the New World preventing scurvy from sucking limes. Term indigenous to North America
"That guy over there is a limey, lives in London, and came over here just for a short vacation".
by Anonymous November 11, 2002
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A colloquial term used to address or mock british sailors, as they commonly sucked on limes to prevent scurvy. When scurvy was realised to be a common killer on long sea voyages, it was discovered soon after that fruit with a high citrus content would prevent this. The reason they chose limes in particular is that they were cheaper than oranges, and much more appealing in taste than lemons.
Sailor1: Lookit' that guy! Limey bastard.
Sailor2: What, you'd rather suck on lemons instead?
by Coillscath June 6, 2006
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Originally a nickname given to British sailors who sailed across the Atlantic and sucked on limes to keep scurvy away.
It is now often used by Americans in two scenarios
1.) When referring to a British person, possibly in a form of endearment.
2.) Referring to 'British stereotype' (usually in an insulting way) but the insult is not specifically reserved for the British.
"Met a limey at the airport today."

Person 1: The people down south are so uneducated.
Person 2: Oh shut it, you're starting to sound like a limey.

"Met a British person today who was acting like a real limey."

Person 1: Here's a picture of me before I got braces.
Person 2: Oh wow, you look just like a limey!

Person 1: I prefer tea over coffee.
Person 2: Oh no, you're turning into a limey.

"You limeys are too polite!"
by SatansCute April 23, 2020
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An insulting term used to describe the English
Those limey bastards burned the whitehouse down in 1812!
by Christopher LaRock July 27, 2003
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Semi-derogatory word directed towards people of british origin. Used the same way yankee or yank is used to insult americans. Does not always imply a specific political view, as most americans find the british annoying anyway.
limey: LOL amerikans r t3h stoopid!!!1

yankee: fuck off you self-righteous limey
by Jimmy February 28, 2005
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Origianally used as an insult for English people. Now no longer an insult (especially in the North and among younger people) thanks to bands such as Hadouken!, who use it in their songs.
Hadouken! (That Boy, That Girl) : 'Yeh I'm an indie limey, but I like it grimey'
by Holly Fisher November 16, 2007
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Name for the British, originated from British sailors eating limes to prevent scurvy. British always were the smart ones, which is why they AREN'T the 51st state and never will be, thank god. RULE BRITANNIA
Limey 1 "hahahahaha look at that YANKEE with scurvy"
Limey 2" LOL, Lime anyone?" *sucks on lime*
by Define_it August 2, 2003
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