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a British person, term comes from sailors who came to the New World preventing scurvy from sucking limes. Term indigenous to North America
"That guy over there is a limey, lives in London, and came over here just for a short vacation".
by Anonymous November 10, 2002
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A word Americans use to describe an English or British person. Comes from when British sailors used to eat limes to avoid scurvy. Although some entries have described the phrase as derogatory, it's really not that offensive at all, certainly nothing like the N-word, for example. It depends on the context, if the American uses it affectionately, the Briton should have no reason to be offended. If the American uses it while hurling abuse and expletives at the Briton, than their whole tone is what's offensive rather than the use of the word "limey".
American: Hey there limey, how's it going in England?
Englishman: Fine thanks, are you alright?

Cab Driver: What, no tip? You cheap limey cocksucker!
Englishman: Well in Britain we don't tip EVERYONE, you Yank twat!
by ManofG April 06, 2008
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A colloquial term used to address or mock british sailors, as they commonly sucked on limes to prevent scurvy. When scurvy was realised to be a common killer on long sea voyages, it was discovered soon after that fruit with a high citrus content would prevent this. The reason they chose limes in particular is that they were cheaper than oranges, and much more appealing in taste than lemons.
Sailor1: Lookit' that guy! Limey bastard.
Sailor2: What, you'd rather suck on lemons instead?
by Coillscath June 05, 2006
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a social media Multi-Level Marketing, Caboodle toting, sub par make up peddling predator that comes in the form of your friend, neighbor, cousin, or friend from high school and inundates your social media feed with their corporate coached marketing techniques in an attempt to get you to "Join the LimeLife!" and of course to "Join their team!" so you too can become one of the most hated people on social media. #bossbabe
"Oh no! Time to unfollow Brittney. She is a Limey now. She enrolled under Christine to see Limelight."
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Having lived in both Great Britain and in the United States, AND being educated reasonabley well, I believe that the word Limey is best defined as simply a slang term to refer to British citizens. As for all the slush slinging between anti-americans and anti-brits: I find both nations have in common the general hatred by much of the rest of the world, primarily because each nation has poked it's unwanted nose into other peoples' business around the globe at various times past and present. Its a mite silly for eithers citizens to chastise the other. Personally, I like both nations alot, AND find both to contain a liberal helping of poop-heads as well.
Brits,Limeys,Yanks,Wankers,Fellow victims of our own Egos.
by American Historian March 08, 2006
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Semi-derogatory word directed towards people of british origin. Used the same way yankee or yank is used to insult americans. Does not always imply a specific political view, as most americans find the british annoying anyway.
limey: LOL amerikans r t3h stoopid!!!1

yankee: fuck off you self-righteous limey
by Jimmy February 28, 2005
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