A small blaket that a child carries around with them, they usually get the blankie when they are born or very young
Awww... look at that kid with that blankie, how cute.
by Ooliealapooie Forinigaladine January 18, 2008
Blanki is a word that dates back to greek mythology whose original meaning is derived from "cold and wet". Its used predominately in a context to indicate severe intoxication and/ or (but not limited to) poor judgement, immoral behavior, temporary memory loss or feigned memory loss to constitute probable deniability of an embarrassing or distasteful event.
In a sentence:

"Man, I got so blankied the night before that i woke up cold and wet and dont know how it happened."
by tdfw May 8, 2014
security blanket. Imparts the power of invisibility. Also impervious to vampire attack. The blanket can be worn up to the neck and still give complete protection, due to a forcefield that projects up over the head. Helps you sleep.
Also the name of a member of the superhero team, the Flangetastic Four.
" I wish we werent camping on this old indian burial ground."
" Im not worried, I brought my blanky"
by dr live March 14, 2008
the best item for personal securuity ever invented
the girl has a blankie :D
by -_- November 11, 2003
"cute" substitution for the word blanket. When I think of blankie, I think of blanket. Though "blankie" is technically not a real word, its frequent application lend it to be used synonymously for the word blanket.
Daddy bought an organic blankie for grandmother since she lost her old one during the move.
by moderndaypoet August 30, 2010
Reformed way of saying Blanket. see also: Piller
by some guy November 18, 2002