A sarcastic or mocking-esque phrase referring to someone who is not of African-American descent using phrases or pursuing interests which are typically associated with the African-American community.
Yeah, I guess there's a black-out. Hopefully we can just start being ourselves soon.
by OracularEcho April 29, 2011
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when you loose your black friend in a dark room. :D
Fancyy <3
walking down the hall

you: so i was talking ot jim and he said.... wtf where did you go?

friend steps under a light

friend : right here...

you: wow i just expierenced a Blackout!
by Fancyy!! <3 October 21, 2010
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The act of boning multiple black males in one intoxicated evening.
After that blackout last night, it's kind of hard to walk.
by Benji Button February 06, 2011
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What every young male and female in the U.S strives to do over the age of 14 every night. The thing that helps us all get "porked".
"Cant nobody see me it's a blackout"
by The Greek 2424 June 07, 2013
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an overreaction by someone in anger. the person who blacks out is someone who is having a reaction greater than the cause.
I wouldn't tell her because she will blackout on you.
by daBigNY July 06, 2004
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A teleport move from K'in the King of Fighters fighting game series.

down,down-forward,forward + Kick.

During this move he shouts "BURACK OUUT!!" (in engrish) and slides while turning into a shadow.
Holy **** , K' is abusing his teleport move.
by Bari June 21, 2005
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(verb) A sudden burst of one person "going off" (i.e. yelling, arguing, etc.)on another person. Mostly, done in a loud forceful way with attitude.
Did you see Karla black out on Sheila when she found out Sheila had slept with her boyfriend?!?!
by Kandi Mandi May 05, 2004
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