Ling Ling know best place during airplane crash inside black box.
by Adrian February 8, 2006
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The box where you throw a bad memory or action into. Usually occurs after a night of drunkenness or severe intoxication. Once it's thrown into the black box, the subject can never be brought up again.
Alright girl, this is the last time we can talk about Oscar. After this, his ass goes in the black box.
by Amelia March 9, 2005
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A non-natural blonde who hasn't had her hair dyed recently, resulting in a box-like pattern on the crown of her head.
"She had me fooled for a while, but now I know she's not a real blonde--the black box gives it away."
by gregorymandu April 11, 2008
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Images you see on the internet surrounded by a black border and white text on the bottom
I saw this black box that said

"Mindfuck: When you see it you'll shit bricks"

Long story short, i need a new pair of jeans.

by BBeast August 22, 2008
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The black box is a speaker used in events where you get hyped to very loud rap music and party.
Marusha, tell Layla to get the black box out.
by Marusha June 4, 2019
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A 'black box' describes the state of mind one can experience that is associated with isolation, pain, frustration, and other negative synonyms of the like.

It describes how one feels when they are trapped, obstructed, or even empowered (even if empowerment is false) by something that is affecting them psychologically.
Person 1: I find myself returned to my 'Black Box'. I forgot how I got here, or how I ever even found it in the first place. When I'm here, I don't feel like myself. But to tell the trurth, I still am, myself.

Person A: "Daryl's going to the 'Black Box' again... should we help him?"
Person B: "Nah, he can let himself out of it eventually, he's used to it. It's probably for his benefit, it's all he knows anyway. Just let him be."
by TRWoof June 19, 2018
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To imprison someone in a secret location.
The CIA started black-boxing suspected terrorists after 9/11.
by Syjel October 28, 2009
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