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In programming, a self-contained, independent subroutine or program module designed to perform a single task; the user has no knowledge of its internal structure but can use it by passing a clearly defined set of input parameters.
That module is a black box. We'll never know how it works; we only know it generates pron.
by blak box October 10, 2003
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A device used by phone phreakers to fool the phone company into giving you free long distance service.

It does this by changing the voltages over the lines to a state where the phone company doesn't monitor and bill.
I use my black box to get free long distance.
by Ebe October 06, 2003
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a cable box thing used to get free cable.
i used a black box until it broke... now I'm stuck paying for cable
by 5-STAR October 01, 2003
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Believed by some to exist only in ancient greek mythology, but known by a few select men to exist in the open world.

According to most theories, the black box is a blackened lock box containing precisely one thousand condoms. This box, only opened once every thirteen years to a certain individual of superior strength. Once opened, the box opener, or the Jehosaphat, must use every single condom in a 24 hour period. If he does not complete the task, his sexual organs will implode violently, effectively killing him. If he successfully completes the task he will be blessed with a cock of magical size and powers. The length will be precisely 6 inches, when folded in half, before getting up. Also, the victorious Jehosaphat will have complete control over his crotchal region. Erection and ejcatulation at complete whim.
Dave Chappelle ~ Queemo, I just found the black box!
Queemo ~ Open it up fool!
Dave Chappelle ~ I don't know man, that's pretty nasty bitch!
Spang Man ~ It's what's for dinner
Dave Chappelle ~ Byaaaaah!
by Jezus sweet sweet spirit May 17, 2007
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Originally a X11 Window Manager.

Extremely powerful for it had a slit. Now it's dead.

Linux users have now tooken it's soucecode and created fluxbox, which is extremely good and much better than BB4Win. Fluxbox DEVELOPMENT VERSION offers Taskbar, and Icon Bar, not needed. As well as a more customizable taskbar and fbdesk for icons. Plus the remarkable tabbing engine, allowing you to group your windows automatically and manually.

Window users can now sort of enjoy Blackbox on Windows as a shell replacement called BB4Win. You can still enjoy your internet explorer by using it instead of explorer for a filemanager. BB4Win isn't as good for sloppy focusing and it doesn't allow you to have tabs, or to shrink the taskbar to as tiny as you want it to, but it's still a good blackbox shell for windows and a good replace of Explorer.
I decided to stop using Windows because BB4Win wasn't as good as my Fluxbox v9.10 for Linux. I just kill explorer when I load up Windows and just use the task manager to load up my very addicticting games that do not have a Linux Port and is too slow for emulating.
by tsphan November 26, 2004
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