Believed by some to exist only in ancient greek mythology, but known by a few select men to exist in the open world.

According to most theories, the black box is a blackened lock box containing precisely one thousand condoms. This box, only opened once every thirteen years to a certain individual of superior strength. Once opened, the box opener, or the Jehosaphat, must use every single condom in a 24 hour period. If he does not complete the task, his sexual organs will implode violently, effectively killing him. If he successfully completes the task he will be blessed with a cock of magical size and powers. The length will be precisely 6 inches, when folded in half, before getting up. Also, the victorious Jehosaphat will have complete control over his crotchal region. Erection and ejcatulation at complete whim.
Dave Chappelle ~ Queemo, I just found the black box!
Queemo ~ Open it up fool!
Dave Chappelle ~ I don't know man, that's pretty nasty bitch!
Spang Man ~ It's what's for dinner
Dave Chappelle ~ Byaaaaah!
by Jezus sweet sweet spirit May 17, 2007
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The non-drinker or the least drunk person who witnessed the spinning out of control of his/her friends on a night of intoxication leading to blowups, blackouts and crash landings. The Black Box is often called upon to piece together the evening leading up to the disaster(s).
When the party girl woke up naked with a bruise on her chin and her ex-boyfriend and new girlfriend in her bed, horrified, she ran out of the room to ask her roommate, the Black Box, what happened.
by PlatosCave August 8, 2011
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Hey , u want to go to Mecca ?
Yeah I want to see the black box
by bocahSARA August 9, 2019
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Something that you will never open. like a vagina if you are a puff
by d-diggley-69 April 25, 2007
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this the most illegal box in the world as far as software goes. it has 8 disks in the box. each worth over 1000 dollars in stores. they are all permanently cracked and they are also all pirated obviously. the box was made out of plastic and electrical tape. it has 3 words on the box..."The Black Box".
Guy 1: "Hey man have you heard about the black box?"
Guy 2: "No man i haven't, what is it?"
Guy 1: "......................................"
Guy 2: "Are you okay dude?"
by lasttccasey1 April 13, 2010
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The Orange Box was a recently released colection of 5 games:
Half Life 2
Half Life 2:Episode 1
Half Life 2:Episode 2
Team Fortress 2

The Black Box, is a famous joke sayng the Orange Box was originally to be called the Black Box but was instead called the Orange box since people thought the Black Box was racist.

Person 1:Dude! I got the Orange Box! It is consisted of 5 games!
Person 2: Um, its really only 3, Ep 1 and 2 are just like an expansion to Half Life 2.
Person 1:Hey! Did you know that it was going to be called Black Box but they thought it was Racist!
Person 2: Laughing Face!

The Black Box/The Orange Box
by Erik Ehlert April 14, 2008
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A polemic against society, sex, social nuances, feminism, and equal rights.
Fuck that guy's black bile box is evil.
by JasperAU October 10, 2006
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